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We offer a wide variety of professional services to our clients depending on their needs. We are a full-service Mechanical, Electrical and Plumbing (MEP) design team capable of tackling work from intricate small spaces to large-scale facilities, campuses and energy plants. We take an integrative approach to our design of building services and partner with a multitude of Architects, Engineering and Specialty Consultants.

Why work with us

All projects have an Owner of some degree, and we feel design work should always be grounded in the Owner’s vision for the work. In conjunction with this, we strive to provide the very best professional services on how to achieve this vision while also meeting the governing standards and criteria for the benefit and safety of the general public. This allows the Owner to focus on the project’s desired outcome.


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Malmstrom AFB
Montana State University
Missoula College
Yellowstone National Park Lodges
MSU Northern
Great Falls Clinic
Blackfeet Community College
Town of Deadrock