Hybrid Steel Design


Hybrid Steel Design started as a way for Owner, Welder, and Fabricator Levi Clark to give back to his home town in Geraldine Montana! Starting out providing mobile welding and fabrication services to the local farmers and ranchers and growing into a business that services Montana's overall Agricultural needs. Including but not limited to welding, fabrication and millwright services providing a quality end product you can trust!!

Why work with us

We provide quality service while adding value to our projects. We think out of the box and have the creativity to problem solve efficiently and onsite. We are team players and make sure our customers have consistent contact so that they can trust the process and know they are getting the best service!



Hodgskiss Seed Plant

Feb 04, 2019 — Mar 27, 2019
Hybrid Steel Design provided all the millwright, welding and fabrication labor to update Hodgskiss Seed Plant's seed cleaning facility with state-of-the-art seed cleaning machinery.
Skills: Millwright

Pardue Grain, Inc.

May 29, 2018 — Dec 07, 2018
Hybrid Steel Design was the General Contractor who completed the inside portions of the Pardue Grain Facility. Assembling all of the components, robotics, and equipment. We also provided on the spot welding and fabrication for all the transitions, stands, ladders, platforms etc. We did so with a passion for the project and providing the best quality for an amazing end product. Please see Reference statement from Roger Sammons.
Skills: Agriculture , fabrication , Millwright , Seed Cleaning , USDA , welding


Ashley Clark