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We started Spark Architecture in 2012 because of a persistent itch to optimize. We saw opportunities for better relationships and project dynamics, resulting in better designs and finished buildings. We love architecture for its passion to collaboratively shape the places we experience. The best architecture makes spaces highly functional, promotes well-being, and has the power to inspire people. We believe that this can only happen when we successfully engage all the players - including ec

Why work with us

Clients come to us with a problem. Rather than putting a box around it, we go through a process of analysis which leads to design solutions that address a more comprehensive understanding of the root problem(s), identifies additional value creating opportunities. Through this process we can offer custom tailored design solutions, minimizing actual hard costs. Examples from recent projects include a siteplan with reducing paving and infrastructure runs for a development by 20%; and identifying an alternative design approach to save the cost of building a new specialized cold storage building ($250k).


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Gary Evans
State of Montana, Fish Wildlife and Parks
Angstman Johnson




Star, Idaho Site Planning

Clients: Angstman Johnson
Skills: Design , Mixed-use , Site Infrastructure